About us

CEO / Founder of “First Group” – Albina Fazlieva

First Group is a young company with a big potential. I believe that every effort and every input will eventually lead to success. Putting a significant emphasis on teambuilding, I think we have to surround ourselves with positive and ambitious people.

«First Group» Team

Internal company culture is built on appreciation and respect, and as a result we invest a lot in human resources. This can be seen through careful relation to the team in general and every member in person.

«Your limits are just in your head»

There is nothing you can’t achieve, the matter is your personal motivation. First Group and our team is ready to help you to realize your dreams. Only you know your limits. We welcome those who have no boundaries. But even if you do, after becoming a part of our team you would hardly like to live your life with such a mind-set any longer.


Your limits are just in your head